Friday, 25 July 2008

We're Here

Well we got here safe after a very good flight that left on time and got us in half an hour early and with hardly any turbulence. I can highly recommend Thomas Cook for anyone who is tall as they have loads and loads of leg room which resulted in not one complaint from Pete the whole flight. The food was good (for flight food) and we got to watch "Enchanted" and the newest "National Treasure" so we were kept entertained.

Everything went smoothly at the airport and even the car hire was quick. We got the keys and went to find the car we were a little disappointed when we saw what was in space #20 but it would do. Pete clicked the button to open the doors, nothing happened, so he clicked it again and the next car lit up at this point the boys nearly wet their pants. We checked the paperwork and the reg number and make matched the car at #21 being the grown up in this outfit I suggested that we go back and ask if there had been a mistake but everyone else decided the best thing would be to jump in and drive so I was out voted (again) and that is what we did. Unfortunately in their haste they left the GPS to me - biiiggg mistake. I eventually got it off French and into English and put in Carolyn's address and we started to follow the nice ladies instructions. It didn't take long to realise that it was taking us in the completely wrong direction so Pete pulled up in a residential street to look at the GPS. To say he wasn't impressed is an understatement - the GPS wasn't switched on and we had been following a simulation for nearly half and hour which didn't make me too popular.

Even so we still managed to arrive early here .....

in this......

how cool is that!

Kyle is now best buds with Sierra the Husky again and they are following each other around everywhere. The boys are more than happy as they are sleeping in the basement with a HUGE TV and a Wii complete with guitar hero AND the dog - everything we don't let them have in their rooms at home.


Shannon said...

So, glad you are in my time zone now! lol Glad everything went well and you got a killer car to drive. The house is very cute! Have a blast!

Zoe said...

The GPS thing is sooo something I would do LOL. Glad you got there safely - nice car. Can't wait to hear more


Sue Nicholson said...

Great house . . . why don't we have homes that look like that? :-(

Ian nearly jumped out of his skin, everywhere quiet then I read about the GPS and laughed out loud!!! Read it to him and he laughed too.

LOL Rach . . . just what I would have done.

Sooo pleased you had a good flight :-)