Monday, 28 July 2008


Our first full day in New York left us totally exhausted. After watching some of the many, many runners go past the hotel.......

we headed off into Central Park with plenty of water to keep us hydrated in the heat. We decided against the bikes because of the marathon so ended up walking for about 2 hours. A trip into the zoo was then in order which was a bit bizarre in a thunder storm surrounded by skyscrapers.

We went back to the hotel to drop off the big camera as it was getting heavy and to jump on the subway to Grand Central Station where I had planned to have a large piece of cheesecake. I say planned as I couldn't actually face it after my Beef Brisket sandwich which I swear had half a cow on it, it was that big.

A long walk down the full length of 42nd street towards the terminal for the boat ride followed with a stop to buy some shoes and some ice cream to die for from The Cold Stone Creamery. After you order your ice cream of choice they get the ice cream slap it on a stone surface add the bits and pieces (in my cake cookie dough, chocolate sauce, fudge sauce and choc chips) and then they mix it altogether and put it in the container of your choice - DIVINE! We came out and walked down to the port but by the time we got there the storm had set in and we decided a speed boat may not be the best idea so a taxi was hailed to take us back to Macy's where I only managed to buy a bag. Another storm headed in so we went to Planet Hollywood where we had a very disappointing meal but with the discount we got on the New York Pass it only cost us £15 for the three of us which included 6 large drinks and a £5 tip that was added on to the bill. The card then got used again in Madam Tussuad's which entertained us for an hour before we went to the cinema in Times Square to watch Hellboy 2.

Not sure what my face is all about, he was pinching my bum at the time so it could have been that!! It was lighter when we came out of the cinema than when we went in as all the lights had come on which was rather weird. I have been looking out for the Naked Cowboy ever since we got here but it has been on the news that he has been arrested for some reason so I don't think he is about at the moment. However, as we walked back to the hotel Pete thought his luck was in when he spotted the naked cowgirl in a little black bikini complete with boots and cowboy hat so he headed off in her general direction you should have seen his face when he realised that she was over 60 years old. We didn't get many pictures today as Pete was in charge of the camera for a while and then we dropped it off and only had the small camera and the pictures didn't turn out that well.


Shannon said...

we have a Cold Stone within walking distance of the house! It is wonderful! Sinful!

Mima said...

That ice cream sounds amazing, if we are really lucky maybe they will start opening them up over here! Bad luck on the naked cowboy, but LOL at Pete and his naked cowgirl!!