Tuesday, 14 April 2009


It's been a while but I'm not sorry about it, I just didn't feel like it.

I'll just do a quick catch up with a couple of photos. On Mother's Day we went to Llandudno where we did this...

.... that's right we went all that way to look stupid at the top of the Great Orme.

Kyle had a birthday which turned him into a dreaded teenager, no photos of this I am afraid as for some reason I gave the camera to Pete and lets just say the delete button had to be pressed more than once.

Last week we spent the week ships ahoy on the four counties ring with 101 locks on a not so leisurely holiday.

Day number one about an hour after setting off while everyone was still walking and reasonably awake.

Towards the end of the week even I was brave enough to drive. Oooo aarrrr me hearties.

In another attempt to keep up with my blogging and photography here are my HSMSHS pictures for the last 2 days.

Taken at Coney Island Aquarium last year and I promise the only editing I did was to unsharpen it a little bit.

Taken in Oman in Feb

I know I haven't taken them today but at least I have managed to edit 2 pictures out of my HUGE to edit file.

I now consider myself caught up, even if it is very brief, so tomorrow I will hopefully start afresh and as I mean to go on.


Bobs said...

Yay - you did it, you did it! Welcome back to blogland. :-)

I don't think any of you look stupid. Anyone who can climb a big hill or mountain deserves respect!

Well done with the steering, Cap'n Rach! You're a better man than I am, Gungha Din! I'd be sure to crash.

Love the Yellow shot and how you;ve composed it ..... but I'm absolutely blown away by the jellyfish shot. Wow, wow and thrice I say, wow! Gorgeous!


Photographing Mom said...

Absolutely stunning jellyfish!!!

Love the yellow, too.

Thanks for sharing! :)

jo said...

Fa photos - would love to go on a canal boat holiday

SuzyB said...

LOL I love that first photo :o)

Welcome back, it does get a bit tedious blogging from time to time doesnt it but good to see you back x

Igotmebabe said...

I absolutely love the shot of you driving the boat :)
Fantastic shots for blue and yellow

Julesaroony said...

Awesome jelly fish photo! Like the composition on the other shot too.

Aubrey Harns said...

What great shots. Your Blue & Yellow are REALLY fantastic.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful pictures from your vacation and that jellyfish is breathtaking.

Chris T said...

The jelly fish photo is stunning, like yellow too - great composition.the Great Orme photo looks cold & damp but you're all smiling. Have always fancied a canal holiday looks fun!

Kate said...

gret picks, I tjink I did that holiday once in my youth with a whole gang of us. We got quite in to canal trips!

Mima said...

Love the jellyfish - that is one heck of a photo! How did you get one of all four of you - did you accost some kindly stranger? And I hope it is ok, but I am going to knick the one of you steering to put on my frame!