Friday, 21 September 2007

HS:MS - Stare

To look fixedly or vacantly at someone or something.
This picture shows Matt and Pete staring at the QE2 this afternoon in Liverpool - Kyle was there too but I kicked him off the picture as he kept pulling stupid faces instead of staring as instructed! The boys school had an inset day today so Pete took the day off too and we drove up to Splash World in Southport, through torrential rain, for the morning. We then did a little bit of shopping in Primark where I got the cutest slipper socks ever and just a few other bits and pieces. After my spot of retail therapy we decided to travel home via Liverpool so that we could stop and see the QE2 while it was docked there. This boat is HUGE and there were so many people there it was amazing. We did get a couple of pics of the boat but they are not very good as we only had the little camera, the pictures were into the sun and it was so bloody big we couldn't get it all in!
We didn't have quite so much fun yesterday. Pete has to see the Kidney doc, Dominic, every 4 months or so when he gets the results of his 24 hour urine and blood tests. These tell us if his kidneys are still stable or if they are deteriorating. The best we have got in the last 9 years is 30% and the worst is 19% which is when we had to have a dialysis councillor woman come to the house and go for transplant assessments etc. After 9 years of this up and downing we, and Dominic, are now used to it and don't panic if it does a drop as the next time it could very well be back up to 30%. This doesn't mean that I cope with the day well as I still pace, worry and think of nothing else until he gets in. For the last year I haven't been to the appointments with him as I suffer badly from White Coat Syndrome, so much so I can be sick before I get to the hospital, my hands sweat and my teeth chatter uncontrollably which everyone else finds hilarious. Anyway I have decided not to put myself through it again until I have too. Yesterday Pete was told that his kidneys are stable so that was good news. The not so good news is that his iron levels are to cock so he has to go back on the weekly Epo injections again, it all gets very confusing as he has some iron levels that are far too high and some that are far too low, the epo will use up the too high iron to make blood that Pete desperately needs and this in turn will mean that he can have more iron infusions which will make the low iron higher - as I said very confusing. The main thing is his kidneys are still doing their job so YAY!
Don't know if I'm going to get a chance to do SPS tomorrow as we have my great nephew coming over for the night and he's bound to keep us busy. As well as dropping Martyn off Sal, our niece, is also bringing us her 2 baby bearded dragons to babysit for 2 weeks while they go on holiday. I swear that this house is going to end up with zoo sign outside before too long.
Sorry about all the waffle.


SuzyB said...

Oooh found you, must remember to change the link to you on my blog. Perfect pair of stares!

SuzyB said...

Oooh found you, must remember to change the link to you on my blog. Perfect pair of stares!

Bobs said...

Never aplogise about the waffle - we love it! Sounds like you and Pete have a lot to cope with. Hope his kidneys stay stable for a long, long time.

Love the shot today. I've been to Liverpool only once and that was over 20 years ago. We took the ferry 'cross the Mersey. :)

Anna said...

Great photo and lovely colours.

Sue Nicholson said...

Great shot and perfect timing for the prompt too.

My kids love it when they have a day off but all other children are still in school. Makes them feel special.


Husband suffers with long pointed thing syndrome. Similar to white coat but not as bad. Attire is not important its just the syringe, (damn said it), that makes him sick!!

"Just read this back and sod it we could do with a laugh. I am leaving it in, it's your probs if you have such dirty minds" !!!

Have a good weekend. Poor excuse for sps . . . take a photo now and use it, (that's what I have done). lol

Bye for now


Hazel said...

Don't be sorry about the waffle - it isn't waffle. Good news that Pete's kidneys are stable. I understand to some extent as John is a long-term diabetic (he's been on insulin for 63 years) and has complications that are now affecting heart and kidneys - this involves juggling with medication. Nearly forgot to say - great 'stare' photo.

etteY said...

QE2 the luxury ship? I saw that had the chance to look around when that ship docked in the Philippine port decades ago hihihi! Beautiful shot!

my sps is up now, have a nice weekend!

Charli said...

Ah Rachael - you dont waffle at all! Fab pic - and great news about your hubby love, hope things get better for you all x